#1 Household Budgeting Spreadsheet [Free Download]

Alright, let’s face it. You have a problem keeping track of your finances for the month. A simple household budget spreadsheet will do the trick, but you can’t seem to find one that really works.

To find the best household budgeting spreadsheet, you must address the issues you face…

You’re tired of wasting money and not knowing where it’s going. You run out of money for daily necessities or for rather large purchases because you forgot you only made $1,000 this month and the new t.v. you bought just cleared in your bank account.

I can’t tell you how many household budget spreadsheets or overly priced budgeting softwares are on google, because there’s more than you and I can count.


Household Budget Planner by Simple Planning

Available formats:

  • Excel Spreadsheet


– FREE trial

– $15 (Single Household Budget Spreadsheet)

  • Budget Planner
  • Standard Email Support
  • Single User License

– $40 (SimplePlanning.com Full assortment of budgeting PDF’s)

  • Budget Planner Plus
  • Retirement Planner
  • Net Worth Summary
  • Calendar Planner
  • Tax Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Investment Calculator
  • 401K Calculator
  • Plus:
    • Premium Support
    • Free Software Updates
    • Family License (3 users)
    • Premium Access
    • Online Backups
    • Access anywhere

Payment Method:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal (Most secure way of paying for ANYTHING online)

Return Policy:

100% Money back guarantee if you decide you don’t like the spreadsheet.

Here we’ve take the time to try a good amount of them out and give you our top choice right here:

Simple Planning – Budget Planner spreadsheet. 

I know you think I’m full of crap for pulling this home budget spreadsheet out of nowhere, but believe me I’ve had the time to try it out for a couple months now and it’s helped me save $67 each month!


I realized how much garbage I bought!! Like most people nowadays, we tend to buy on impulse and worry about the consequences when they rear their ugly heads. I just got sick and tired of that happening so I decided to take to good ole’ Google and find something to change that.


The household budget spreadsheet from Simple Planning is only a one time $16, and that gives you usage for life. Or, if you’d like to be able to have the whole family budget their own way, they offer a $40 license to the file that lets 3 separate users input their information.

It also unlocks the other 7 budgeting spreadsheets such as their investment calculator and retirement calculator. All useful, but I could care less about most of them. The one I personally found the most use for was the Budget Planner Spreadsheet.

Other programs or software usually require a recurring payment that quite honestly makes saving money with a budget useless because you end up spending it on the software!

The way this budgeting software works is you download the full file for the “trial” and they will send you a unique password for you to unlock the full features after you pay for the full license. Granted, the trial spreadsheet has a good amount for you to test out but they really did a good job to ensure you’d want the whole spreadsheet.

In the end, a one time $16 price tag is whole heartedly worth saving a butt load of money during your life time due to negligent spending.

Who’s this review of the top household budget spreadsheet for?

This review is for ANYONE who is sick and tired of not knowing where their money went every month.

It’s also for those who want to truly change that habit and become more financially aware with a SIMPLE yet effective spreadsheet that can be pulled up on a phone, laptop, or tablet anywhere!

Who’s this review of the top household budget spreadsheet NOT for?

I’m going to be straight to the point with you… This review is DEFINITELY not for those who have their own set ways of “keeping track” of their finances and are too stubborn to try something new that works.

Believe me, I can be stubborn too but I still gave this budget planner spreadsheet a try and it turned out to work for the better.

Some of the features are also such as the budgeting tabs versus the actual spending tabs aren’t of much use to someone who is, say, a server and works on tips with varying income. It would most benefit those who can say they make a certain general amount to have information to enter into the spreadsheet.

  • Simple home budget spreadsheet, not expensive complicated software
  • One time charge for a lifetime of organized finances
  • Universal platform file to be used on multiple devices
  • Auto populating charts that match the finances you enter
  • There are separate sheets for what you want to budget and what you actually spend.
  • See exactly how over or under budget you are each month.

  • Some of the tabs are a bit confusing to navigate at first, but become easier to understand over use.
  • This household budget spreadsheet is of less use to someone without a relatively fixed income (such as a server)

Top 9 features/ benefits

Key Features

  • Simple, efficient way to keep track of finances with autonomous equations pre-installed. Just plug in your financial numbers and it does the hard work for you!
  • Keep track of how much you spend with the handy daily spending sheet built in.
  • Quickly see if you overspend with automatic color changing boxes.
  • Available in both MS office and Open Office (free software) formats
  • One time charge of either $16 or $36 for the premium version which allows for 3 users of the spreadsheet.
  • Free trial with most features unlocked!
  • **You can open these spreadsheets on any mobile smartphone that has an Excel type program on it!
    • This means convenient tracking of spending wherever you go

Our Final Thoughts

What can we say other than this budget planner spreadsheet is one we truly enjoy using. It has its few quirks that make it a bit difficult to understand at first such as having two separate sheets that look like the same thing (Budget by month and Tracking- See below.)

household budget spreadsheet - budget by month










household budget spreadsheet - Tracking












The average person who doesn’t have control of his or her finances because they struggle to find a way to organize them properly will benefit from this product the most.

Out of the ones I have personally tried, this one auto populates the whole spreadsheet based on the numbers you provide so it’s as easy as plug in and know your spending habits.

Other programs we’ve tried have you pay them monthly or insist you download a program that is solely limited to your computer. The beauty of a simple excel spreadsheet is you can take it anywhere you have access to a spreadsheet viewer.

That means you can be sitting at your favorite fast food burger joint and writing down the double deluxe cheeseburger down you just bought right into your budget planner spreadsheet so that you don’t get a surprise later wondering where $3.75 went!

I KNOW you’re tired of not knowing where your money goes at the end of the month and living paycheck to paycheck.

Creating your own way of organizing your finances is just flat out too much work.

Try the Simple Planning household budget spreadsheet FOR FREE and if you don’t believe me then, you lost absolutely nothing. Even if you choose to buy it, they offer you 100% of your money back if all of the features don’t satisfy you.

Check out the budget spreadsheet FREE!