Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review: Best Online Keyword Generator to Rank Google Page 1?

Is the Jaaxy keyword tool the right online keyword generator for you? Will it help you obtain free consistent, ever-growing organic traffic? Are you in the market for a new tool to optimize the SEO on your site?

  • Want to rank your website in Google Page 1 (or at least more often)?
  • Double-10x the free organic search traffic to your blog or website?
  • Increase affiliate marketing sales in less than 3 months (or hell, just start making any sales)?
  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed with Google Keyword Planner, panning the endless lists of keyword phrases searching for gold nuggets? I was.

You’ve thought about finally taking that next step to improve the SEO of your site and pay for a keyword tool. But you don’t want to waste your money if you simply could use a free online keyword generator.

Bottom line: you want a keyword research tool that has the BIG 3: Inexpensive, High Quality, Easy-to-Use.

Enter Jaaxy.com.

I believe I chose the best keyword tool to grow high ranking, high converting traffic for my small, scaling blogs.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review: Most Detailed, Unbiased on the Web [and still being updated]…

You’ve come to the right place and this is the Jaaxy keyword tool review that will help you the most. The other Jaaxy.com reviews out there DID help me.  But I fell in love with the tool to the point I wanted to provide you with the most detailed review you could find.

This review of the little known online keyword generator will help YOU DECIDE if it is the right one to take your blog to the next level.

I do receive a commission if you buy, but if you aren’t happy with the product, then neither am I.

I am no internet marketing guru, just a part-time blogger (for now), you may have more experience, but I do conduct keyword research practically every day.

The great news: you can take the Jaaxy keyword tool for a free test run to decide if you like it!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Name of Website: www.Jaaxy.com

Main Benefit of Jaaxy

Online keyword generator that reveals keyword search data of the three major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing. Displays the quantity of monthly searches to expect to your site if you rank in Google Page One. Identifies which long tail keyword phrases have lowest competition with highest probability to successfully rank with and receive free organic traffic to your site.

Jaaxy Membership Plans/ Pricing


30 Keyword Searches (no credit card info, receive 100 more free searches for referring 10 people to sign up for the free membership). Limited features.

Pro/$49 per month

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Instant Competition Data Results
  • Fast Calculation Speed

Enterprise/$99 per month

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Instant Competition Results
  • Sort and Organize the Results
  • 5x Faster Calculation Speed

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Training

Three videos:

Search Feature Video

How to use the Jaaxy search feature to improve your site rankings.

Site Rank, Search Analysis:

Discover where your site (or other competing sites) rank for specific search terms.

Find data from the Top 10 website search results for the keywords of your choice in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Niche Research Video– How Jaaxy.com Helps You Choose a Niche:

Use the Brainstorm feature to uncover popular ideas and identify the keyword data to determine if a niche has enough low competition with high traffic phrases.

Three PDF Downloads:

1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords

Download a list of 1,000 pre-researched with the Jaaxy keyword tool for affiliate marketing success.

Niches, Keywords Success

Download tips how to identify money-making niches the Jaaxy Keyword Tool fast.

Domain Industry Secrets

Download the secrets of success in the billion dollar industry of domain flipping. Learn how to uncover with Jaaxy to buy low cost domains then turn around and sell them for high profits.


None directly through Jaaxy.com. You’d have to join Wealthy Affiliate with the Free membership and send a message for questions. (I haven’t needed to contact anyone in over a year using Jaaxy, though).

Affiliate Program

Earn monthly or annually recurring commissions for Pro or Enterprise memberships. Affiliate stats dashboard. Training video, but no banner ads.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel anytime. Membership would end at the end of that billing cycle.


The higher the membership level, the faster.


Sometimes data calculation runs slowly and doesn’t finish. You must reload the page. But it doesn’t happen often enough to get in the way (could be better though).

My Brief Overall Opinion

I couldn’t create content without the Jaaxy keyword tool. The site is very easy to use and shows me exactly which long tail keyword phrases to focus on in order to receive ever-growing, high converting traffic.

It’s not software so you can access the tool from anywhere provided you have internet access. I use it practically every day and it has helped my small site increase traffic more than 10x since I started using it.

Many of the extra bonus features do not help my main quest which is to find low competition keyword phrases with high traffic.

Overall the Jaaxy keyword tool has saved me uncountable hours of time conducting keyword research and avoided countless other hours wasted on creating content around keywords I’d have no shot at ranking in.

My Overall Jaaxy Score: 9/10

(*All scores on this site based on 1 out of 10 Scale- 10 Highest, Best score)

My Story- The Search for the Holy Grail Online Keyword Generator

Back in the fall 2015 I wanted an easier way to accomplish the above. I wanted more traffic to my micro niche blog in the no-so-comfy topic of recovering from infidelity and how-to catch cheaters.

I got tired of re-doing searches multiple times to find the best phrases in the Google Keyword Planner and decided to take the plunge and pay for my searches.

Wow! I’m glad I did.

And don’t get me wrong. I like Google’s free keyword tool, but I wanted to find low competitive keywords with high traffic faster and easier. As a part-time blogger I do not have much uninterrupted time to work and focus.

“Which keyword research tool am I willing to part my hard-earned-dollars with?” I thought to myself.

I researched and found a few that looked good like Long Tail Pro, Market Samurai and SEMRush.

The Jaaxy keyword tool was another one. I never heard of it.

Most of its users join a blogging community called Wealthy Affiliate, in fact, practically all the reviews you will find come from there, except me.

In the end I wanted something that would help me to easily find keyword phrases which could help my posts rank in Google page 1 and get consistent traffic.

All of the keyword tools can do the job for you, but the features and benefits vary from person-to-person based on your preferences as a blogger or internet marketer.

But why even use a keyword research tool?

jaaxy keyword tool review US mobile search percentage

Tap into the rising trend of mobile organic search traffic with the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Why bother?

For some of you reading this you already know the benefits of conducting thorough keyword research and perhaps are more advanced than me in blogging and internet marketing.

Please just skip to the next section.

It helps website owners receive more free traffic from search engines- preferably Google.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank the results of the searches you conduct through algorithms. Grab internet and SEO guru Neil Patel’s Google algorithm checklist here.

Google is a business and must provide the most relevant information to people searching for answers to their problems. If they don’t they lose advertising money.

Google must provide its visitors with relevant search results that provide quality solutions to their problems.

In order to provide value, Google has updated its ranking parameters a few times. You may have heard of a few of them: Penguin and Panda, which re-ordered the results and hurt many successful websites rankings resulting in lower traffic numbers for them.

Updates are a must for Google.

And as long as you continue to create articles and other content which solve the problems people search for online you should receive consistent traffic- with the help of fundamental keyword research of course!

The Goal: to know what keywords are searched the most in order to rank and get traffic.

Simple Keyword Tips: Not Too Few, Not Too Many, Low Competition and Make Sense

Optimize your posts with keywords carefully. The Jaaxy keyword tool training videos provide good recommendations. Follow “white hat” SEO strategies. Keep your visitors in mind. Create valuable content that solves their problems without trying to trick the search engines with “black hat” tactics.

  • Don’t insert enough keywords into your posts and Google does not know what your post is about.
  • However, stuff too many keywords in your articles and Google penalizes you for cheating the system.
  • Choose competitive phrases that too many other sites use and your post ends up several pages down in search results.  (No one will search past page 3).  Most won’t even search past page 1 and some not even the second half.
the jaaxy keyword tool review avoid grammatically incorrect searches

Do not optimize for grammatically incorrect searches just because they score well. Keep digging deeper for hidden gems. The Jaaxy keyword tool produces numerous related phrases.

Google page 1 and ideally rank 1

All keyword research tools have one thing in common they aim to provide keyword combinations with little competition, but high traffic so you can beat your competition (even if you run a small traffic site) by ranking in the first few searches of the major search engines- by far Google is the most important.

How user-friendly the tool is, how fast you find relevant, low competitive, high traffic keyword phrases and how fast the tool calculates these results determines how useful the keyword tool is to you.

This is why I use the Jaaxy keyword tool every day.

Why Is Jaaxy.com Different than the Google Keyword Planner (or the Other Tools)?

the jaaxy keyword tool review

Want to try the Jaaxy Keyword Tool for Free?

Enter keyword tool suggestionbelow to see Jaaxy in action.

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool practically every day and am more than happy with it.

Before I only used the Google Keyword Planner.

While I could certainly uncover hidden gem keyword phrases with low competition and high traffic using Google’s free keyword research tool, I personally find in cumbersome and more work than I prefer.

You can see the approximate average number of times visitors conduct searches for certain keyword phrases. Then the tool indicates if a high, medium or low number of sites contain content that focus on the phrases. This is how you gauge the competition to rank high in Google compared to other sites.

While helpful, high, medium and low is not very precise.

You start to wonder:

  • How many sites do I compete with?
  • How much traffic should I expect to visit my blog if I appear on page one in Google or other search engines?
  • What are my chances of ranking in Google page one?

There’s an easier way.

…and this is why I chose the Jaaxy keyword tool to improve my SEO…

Jaaxy gives me the answers the questions above which saves me time and headaches.

It finds me low competition keywords with high traffic, how much traffic I should anticipate per day if my post appears on page one and what the odds are I will be able to rank my posts on page one.

Bottom line it points out right away which keyword phrases I should invest my time into and which I shouldn’t in a more precise, easier, faster way than the Google Keyword Planner.

The other programs (at least ones I looked at) didn’t seem to show me the exact traffic I should expect. They didn’t show me which keywords to focus on in an as obvious way like Jaaxy does.

I will show you screen shots and videos a little farther down.

Features and Benefits: What you get with the Jaaxy keyword tool

While Jaaxy offers a variety of features and functions to help you increase your traffic and exposure to your site, I only use a few regularly, but let’s cover them all.

You might find something beneficial that I don’t.

Farther down this page we will conduct a detailed tutorial niche case study to show you real-life ways you can use the product with screenshots.

This will help you determine if the Jaaxy keyword tool suits your SEO research needs or not.

Features By Tabs

Jaaxy organizes its features by tabs: Search, Site Rank, Training and Affiliate Program. The Search tab breaks down further into more options showing you how to improve your site’s SEO, which we will go into detail. The other tabs do not break down any further.

Search tab

This is the bread and butter of the Jaaxy keyword tool. We will use the Search feature to find data on specific keywords and long tail keyword phrases while simultaneously producing a long list of related searches.

Multiple sub tabs appear from left to right underneath the Search Tab: Keyword, Alphabet Soup, Saved Lists, Search History, Search Analysis, Affiliate Programs, Brainstorm.

Let’s tackle each sub tab one at a time.

See here for yourself in this screenshot!

the jaaxy keyword tool review

Cross reference the Jaaxy Keyword Tool screen shot of the “Search” tab functions above with their descriptions below.


Here you conduct your long tail keyword phrase searches. A list of related keywords displays to the search you conducted above. Your search will appear at the top of the column. For Jaaxy PRO Level members you can open up two tabs for simultaneous searches, Enterprise Level members can open up to 5 search tabs.

2. Average

The average amount of people (not visits) searching for this term per month in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Traffic

An estimate to how many times you could expect for visitors to click through to your site if you appear on Google Page One (spots 1 – 10). (***what is good, explain***)

4. QSR

The amount of competing sites using the exact phrase. You want lower competition so under 400 is good, ideally closer to 100 or lower is best.

5. KQI

Considers all the factors for SEO and indicates if you should focus on that phrase or not with a green light indicating a good phrase to optimize, yellow meaning average and red meaning don’t bother- there’s too much competition.

6. SEO

The SEO feature within the Search tab gauges competition more accurately than the colors from KQI. Here see what your percentage chance of ranking on Google Page One are on a scale of 1-100.

7. Domain

Find which available domains you can buy without the extra step of researching this information in a domain registry like GoDaddy.com or BlueHost.com. For authority niche sites a keyword-rich domain name can help improve rankings in the search engines or at least entice someone to click your link when your site pops up in search results.

8. Related

Find more related keywords. I don’t think this is much different than the keywords listed in the first column.

9. Brainstorm

Add quick access keyword phrases while you work within alphabet soup that you wish to research more deeply. These searches automatically get added down the first column with the Brainstorm tab too for quick, easy reference.

My Search Tab Score: 9.5

[Video] How to Conduct Keyword Searches with the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Click video below for a quick guide how to use find low competition, high traffic long tail keyword phrases. We conduct keyword phrase searches practically every day with Jaaxy.com ‘s “Search” tab functions. The data displays in an easy-to-read format and this online keyword generator produces numerous related phrases in order to dig deeper for hidden gems.

(***To watch in HD QUALITY, open video to “full screen” view then click the settings wheel at the bottom and adjust to HD)

Yes, I want access to my 30 Free Jaaxy KW searches now!

How Often I Use the Search Tab: All the Time

I use Jaaxy’s Search Tab more than any other feature.  This feature alone provides me the data quickly and displays it in an easy-to-read format. This benefit alone allows me to compete with bigger sites by ranking me multiple times on Google Page One or at least the second or third pages.

I turned personal tragedy of an extramarital affair into a blog to help others recover from the pain.

the jaaxy keyword tool review

Even small blogs can rank Google Page One, Position 1– Thanks to the Jaaxy Keyword Tool!

“Search” Subtabs

Alphabet Soup

Quickest, most thorough way to create a list of related long tail keyword phrases. This produces more results than searching with the keyword sub-tab.

Separate lists will form for each letter of the alphabet. Jaaxy will either produce random words starting with the letter “a” before or after the search you type in. Then continues the same process with “b” words all the way down to “z” words.

For example, if you type a search like “affiliate program” then Jaaxy might spit out something like “pay per click affiliate program” for the letter “c”- “click” is the word that begins with “c” which precedes your search phrase.

The one downside of the Alphabet Soup tab is that Jaaxy produces a lot of worthless searches that make no grammatical sense. You wouldn’t attempt to rank for phrases that a human would not search for.

Endless Related Terms List: Dig for Golden Nugget Keywords

But sift through them and you will find some valuable long tail keyword phrases that you never would have thought of. Of course in order to know their worth click into the “Find Data” link to reveal the SEO numbers.  If you have the Pro level membership then you must manually click into the link.

When you click into one of the searches the page reloads to a whole new long list of closely related long tail keyword phrases- many of which receive great scores!

Also the Pro Level Membership limits you to results per letter while the Enterprise Level supplies you with dozens up to 100+.

I admit I didn’t even know the full power of this feature until drafting this review.

My Alphabet Soup Score: 8.5

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Sometimes

Saved Lists

This feature within the Search tab allows you to save keyword search phrases you research as you go for future reference for creating content.

You create a name for each saved keyword list and the number of keywords you’ve searched and traffic data automatically adds up and saves itself in separate columns. At the end of the each keyword list to the right you can click the appropriate links to export the data via .txt or .csv format.

This feature within the Search tab provides an easy place to start work again after you’ve uncovered all your gold nugget long tail keyword phrases.

My Saved Lists (feature) Score: 8

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Often

 Search History

Whatever action you take it gets recorded here on a list. I really don’t use it, but I guess if I wanted to remember a search I did, but didn’t save it to my “saved lists” then I could track it here.

My Search History Score: 5

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Rarely or Never

Search Analysis

Stalk your competitors’ Top 10 search results that rank for whatever keyword you type in. Find some data that will provide you some insight into how they rank in Google Page One. I personally do not feel the information suffices to show me what the page lacks in order to outrank them.

The Search Analysis feature does, however, provide a quick reference to who ranks in the Top 10 searches of the three most popular search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing without pulling up a separate tab.

In my opinion, until you click into the URL to view the page, you won’t know what content lacks on it. This truly shows you how to outrank your competition.

I don’t feel this feature provides as much value as other reviews do nor in the Jaaxy.com training videos.

My Search Analysis Score: 6

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Sometimes

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Affiliate Program

Conduct instant searches of affiliate programs based on a keyword search, organized by four different affiliate program networks Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River and Clickbank.

Uncover the commission rate for sales and the website’s Alexa score, a rough estimate of where the website currently ranks based on traffic size compared to all other websites on the web.

I don’t use this feature at all.

Find out how I search for affiliate programs here on this post.

My Affiliate Program Score (search feature- not Jaaxy’s affiliate program): 1

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Rarely or Never


Discover current trending topics ranked 1 through 24 in Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, Twitter Trends to help you write content.

I suppose if you found a creative twist how to integrate these topics with your niche’s content then you could take advantage of the pipeline of people talking about it. Otherwise, I just don’t understand the value.

Maybe I missed something.

I don’t use this feature at all either.

My Brainstorm Score: 5

(Hey, I’m just being honest. I don’t use it, but the Niche Training Video teaches a way to use it to pick niches for your site.)

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Rarely or Never

 The Other Jaaxy Tabs

You will find a few extra bonuses Jaaxy offers. I personally do not use them. The main reason I pay to use the Jaaxy Pro level is for the Search Tab features. And I wouldn’t work on my content creation nor Pinterest pins without it.

Site Rank

See where you rank in Google pages one through 20 for a keyword. Watch the ranking go up and down each time you search for the term.

This provides another added bonus to the Jaaxy keyword tool, but I don’t use it. Google analytics runs more useful and more accurate data including when your individual URLs pop up in the search results and which searches visitors used.

My Site Rank Score: 5

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Rarely or Never


Training is good, but not extensive. Jaaxy.com does not update their training blog posts often and do not offer a newsletter to email you on-going training tips.

Luckily I find Jaaxy easy to use and pretty intuitive.

You can access three training videos under the training tab.

Here’s what the three videos cover:

Keyword Research and Search Management

How to use the “Search” tab functions like “Alphabet Soup” to improve your site and post ranking in the major search engines and especially Google. The co-founder Kyle walks you through how to conduct keyword searches using Jaaxy, how to save searches to a list and how to read the data to choose know which long tail keyword phrases to invest your time and which to avoid to save you time.

Website Research and Analysis

 Kyle instructs you how to use the “Search Analysis” and “Site Rank” functions.  Learn how to measure where specific URLs from any site (yours or a competitor’s) appear in the three major search engine results. See the details that help determine how they earned their rankings.

Niche Research Refinement

 Expand your experience how to identify money-making niches and how to master digging deeper into related searches to find hidden keyword gems. Watch Kyle teach you how to use the “Brainstorm” function to locate trendy topics, save and refer to them later.

You can also download 3 PDF files to teach you the following:

1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords [PDF]

Download a list of pre-researched keywords with Jaaxy that could help you beat the competition in order to rank faster.

Niches, Keywords, Success

Download tips to uncover hot, money-making niches within minutes. Choosing a niche is one of the first things you should do when creating a new site.

Domain Industry Secrets

Download the secrets to the billion-dollar industry of domain flipping. Find how to locate low priced domain names then turn around and sell them through online auctions for high profits.

My Jaaxy Training Score: 8

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Sometimes 

Jaaxy Support/Service

None. Practically none at least.

Jaaxy creators also own and run the blogger training and community site called Wealthy Affiliate. You can join free and send messages for Jaaxy questions there.

But if you only use Jaaxy then you don’t have any way to contact them.

Luckily I haven’t needed to ask any questions yet.

I cannot offer insight to how fast they respond by email with any questions.

My Support/Service Score: 5 (only if you join Wealthy Affiliate for free. It’s not necessary. You won’t need much help after you watch the training videos.)

How Often I Use the Search Tab: Never

Jaaxy Research Keyword Tool: Pros/Cons

  • Updates done automatically since web-based
  • Provides practically instant (Pro Level membership) valuable keyword competition data
  • Produces more related keywords with competition data then you will possibly deal with
  • Save searches you’ve conducted and access them later in order to dig deeper into your long tail keyword phrases
  • Easily spot which keyword phrases to invest time, and which to avoid based on high competition data
  • Display of research data easy to read and analyze and produced quickly (especially the Enterprise Level membership)
  • Training videos easy to understand and helpful to understand how to use the Search tab and the variety of subtabs within Search

  • Pro level slow vs Enterprise Level. I find it fast enough for the value $49 per month.
  • Keyword search results random, some not quality searches, must sift through for the low competition, high traffic ones
  • Pro level and Free version must manually click each search result
  • Only displays (50) results in Pro Level membership, unlike Enterprise which displays (100)
  • Related Searches on sidebar not all quality searches I would use for a blog post
  • Some search results too good to be true. Broad terms which display unrealistic high traffic (show image example)
  • If you mistype a word in the Pro Level Membership then Jaaxy does not correct it then you lose time waiting for the tool to bring back data on the misspelled word.

Who Would Benefit from Using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool the Most?

  • Blogger who’s now gone from beginner to intermediate and understands how to integrate SEO into their growth strategy. They’d prefer to use a keyword research tool that points out low competition, high traffic phrases (show image of QSR) more emphatically than Google Keyword Tool
  • Internet marketer who doesn’t have patience (like me 🙂 ) who wants to save time finding more quality keyword phrases faster to build their content around.
  • Small teams or businesses would benefit better from the Enterprise Level due to faster processing speed and the larger amounts of data displayed.

Who Should Consider Using a Different Keyword Research Tool?

  • Not the best tool for internet marketers who use PPC campaigns to build email lists or grow their social media reach. Jaaxy doesn’t display keyword cost per click. The Google Keyword Planner is better for this.
  • If you are full-time internet marketer and need super-fast speed then you might find the more affordable PRO level NOT up to par. Enterprise Level is quite expensive at $99 per month. Long tail Pro is one time purchase.
  • The data is an average and does not show month-by-month results, so if you run a seasonal niche site then I don’t know if this is the best keyword research tool for you.
  • I’m not so sure the Jaaxy keyword tool suits local based keyword research results for small businesses seeking more sales leads. You may consider the Google Keyword Planner instead. Jaaxy does a good enough job for local search, I’ve used it before to help a friend.

Pricing Membership Plan/Features

For the majority of bloggers and two-person teams the Pro Level provides the best value. You can currently only choose from 3 plans.

Jaaxy keyword generator


Receive 30 Keyword Searches (no credit card info, receive 100 more free searches for referring 10 people to sign up for the free membership). Limited features.

Pro/$49 per month

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Instant Competition Data Results
  • Fast Calculation Speed

Enterprise/$99 per month

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Instant Competition Results
  • Sort and Organize the Results
  • 5x Faster Calculation Speed

Affiliate Program

Yes, Jaaxy offers an affiliate program. And yes I am a part of it. So if you believe that Jaaxy is the right keyword research tool for you and purchase a subscription then I would receive credit.

You automatically become an affiliate once you obtain a membership, even on the free plan.

I admit that I have not actively promoted Jaaxy simply because I have been blogging in a niche that has nothing to do with internet marketing.

Instead I have strictly been a Jaaxy customer.

Affiliate marketer?

Please test out the Jaaxy keyword tool for free. If you enjoy the product like I do, then sign up as an affiliate through my link.

Affiliate Payment Breakdown

You only receive commission if your visitor purchases a membership or upgrades from a Free Jaaxy trial.

the jaaxy keyword tool review affiliate program commission

You can pay off your monthly membership by referring the Jaaxy keyword tool to other bloggers.

Affiliate Analytics Tool

As I stated in my how to choose top earning affiliate programs according to these 25 features, I prefer an affiliate analytics dashboard to track clicks and sales.

I like the idea of recurring commission sales, but the downsides is Jaaxy has no apparent affiliate manager to ask questions and they do not have a landing page.

High quality landing pages with clear call-to actions convert more sales than just sending someone to a regular webpage.

But they do offer curious customers the chance to take Jaaxy for test run for free as you know.

My Overall Opinion of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

I personally could not work without the Jaaxy keyword tool while I create new content for all my blogs.  The overall value for the PRO level membership supersedes the monthly price.

Something easier, faster and more accurate than the Google Keyword Planner is at the right price is what I sought back in the fall of 2015. And Jaaxy fit the bill.

The most important benefit to help me rank in Google Page One was low competition, high traffic keywords for my micro niche blog.

Jaaxy routinely provides me just that.

Of course, no online tool comes without some problems or imperfections. The processing speed slows down or even pauses which annoys me.

And the PRO level randomizes the search results without much order or a way to put them in order like the Enterprise level. So although Jaaxy.com lays out many of the best searches on a silver platter for me I still need to do some sifting and drilling down to find them.

At some point I wish to take the Enterprise level for a test run, but I personally don’t want to pay the $99 monthly price yet.

However, I imagine that once I do I will become addicted to the speed and better organization of the data to work even faster.

If you are a small team or blogger with micro niche blog than Jaaxy will accomplish the main purpose of a zeroing in on high quality search terms to beat competition.

Bottom line: Jaaxy will save you time and help you rank many pages on Google Page One.

Overall Score: 9

Ready to try the Jaaxy Keyword for Free?

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9 Total Score

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