Coconut Oil Secret PDF [Review] Good News, Bad News

Looking for alternate ways to naturally improve your health, prevent illness and live longer? Curious how the use of coconut oil may accomplish this? Don’t feel like researching an endless list of resources? The Coconut Oil Secret PDF by Jake Carney could provide you a quick, inexpensive solution to your problem.

Our review of the Coconut oil Secret PDF opens the doors for those who don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry.

The Coconut Oil Secret PDF condenses a massive amount of information from various sources into one relatively small ebook of 68 pages.

Here, we gathered all of the pros and cons as well as the highlights of this instant download so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this book is right for you.

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The Coconut Oil Secret PDF:

Why this Tropical Treasure is Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood



Jake Carney from the Alternative Daily

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  • 11 Super Delicious, Super Healthy Coconut Oil Recipes
  • 20 Cleansing and Anti-aging Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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Who SHOULD Read “The Coconut Oil Secret PDF” from the Alternative Daily?

Do you worry about future heart disease like I do? What about cancer, thyroid problems, obesity, cholesterol? Do you or someone in your family prepare your own food?

Anyone who wishes to avoid major health problems in the future can make simple adjustments to their daily diet by substituting unhealthy fats for measured amounts of coconut oil.

Want some ideas to live longer and feel better which could help you live a more meaningful daily life? Then keep reading our Mad Raven Review of “The Coconut Oil Secret PDF”.

Who Should NOT Read this eBook?

The Coconut Oil secret pdf

If you’d prefer to continue preparing food the way your mom and grandma used to do it rather than make the necessary changes to feel better and avoid future health problems then you should stop reading our review of “The Coconut Oil Secret PDF” right now.

After reading the eBook in-depth I get the idea that most readers who enjoy taking its advice want to take a proactive approach to feeling healthy.

Let’s be real, if you start cooking and preparing food with coconut oil it WILL change the flavor. So if you do not read this eBook with an open mind you probably will not want to make the necessary changes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your food WILL taste different (maybe better). If that thought turns you off then no need to continue- just hit the back button.

HOWEVER, if you like the idea that you could live longer, experience more holidays with your kids, grandkids, see more of the world, avoid sickness, feel happy and look more attractive then keep reading this unbiased review and decide for yourself if this book will benefit you.

Much of this eBook will also go against what you think you know about common diseases and chronic health issues from Western world cooking and packing methods.


ProsCons: What We LIKE and do NOT like about “The Coconut Oil Secret PDF”

  • Very well organized by chapters and easy-to-read Table of Contents (not all ebooks we’ve read do).
  • Provides not only factual information about staying healthy with coconut oil, but also gives helpful tips of other healthy diet foods and habits.
  • Text is easy to read with pictures and charts to give further context.
  • Does a good job explaining medical terms and phrases, even to beginners,  in relation to coconut oil and it’s benefits.
  • Contains 68 pages packed with helpful information for new and veteran coconut oil lovers.
  • This is a PDF ebook, therefore you can read it on any mobile device/ laptop/ or computer that has a PDF viewer.
  • Download the PDF instantly, start learning coconut oil healing benefits uses right away.

  • Although very well explained, this ebook contains a ton of medical terms which may intimidate some people to differentiate one from another (like HDL and LDL cholesterol).
  • I found the writer sometimes distracted me from the main point of the ebook with unnecessary information such as Chapter 13 [Pg.55] on “Candida (a form of yeast,”) although he eventually got to the point relating it to Coconut oil.


Top 10 Coconut Oil Healing Properties

Mentioned in “The Coconut Oil Secret PDF”

If you seek condensed information that spells out the coconut oil health benefits in one spot then the Coconut Oil Secret PDF might be what you’re looking for- less research saves you time and energy.

Read the brief list below of the top healing coconut oil properties found in this eBook.

  1. Helps heal throat infections, urinary tract infections and fights other illness causing bacteria.the coconut oil secret pdf
  2. Aids in prevention of cancer cells from spreading.
  3. Eliminates lice, tapeworms and other parasites.
  4. Destroys viruses that cause influenza, hepatitis, herpes and other diseases.
  5. Promotes nutrient absorption which aids digestion.
  6. Cuts fat and decreases appetite. (You’ll feel full and will not need to keep eating.)
  7. Raise your energy level.
  8. Improve brain health (potentially slowing Alzheimer’s disease).
  9. Prevent and reverse heart disease.
  10. Promotes healthy skin: softens and cleanses skin, and prevents skin cancer.

Summary: Our Final Thoughts On “The Coconut Oil Secret PDF”


Will the Coconut Oil Secret PDF provide enough information to help me begin a new healthy diet to prevent future problems?

All in all, I believe Jake Carney did a good job designing a basic, but detailed introduction to the many benefits coconut oil has to offer  you. There are tons of places claiming to have all the answers for the benefits of coconut oil, but this ebook does a good enough job.

Right from the very beginning of the book, he gives a nice back story to how coconuts and coconut oil alike has been used for centuries to promote better health.

He then continues on to list oils that are severely unhealthy and what health issues they may cause.

The ebook has a great balance of promoting coconut oil, but also addressing the proper lifestyles to suit. The main point he gets across is that after all, coconut oil will help heal you but with a healthy lifestyle filled with exercise and a proper diet to go with it.

An example of this would be on [Pg. 12] in the PDF where Jake mentions the main source of trans fats being in processed baked goods and fast food.

These fats raise LDL (bad cholesterol) which causes fatty buildup in the heart and arteries.

Furthermore, I liked how he gave SO MANY medical terms to properly explain the benefits of coconut oil, but he did it in a way that was easy for my mind to digest when reading.

Although well expressed, the terms may still be a bit hard to remember the difference between them by the time you’ve finished the book. I’d recommend reading through the ebook a few times before even taking your first note.

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