17 Simple Ways to Feel Motivated to Blog Immediately

Feel motivated to work on your blog right now?


What’s stopping you?

Lack of goals?

No energy?

Too much to do, don’t know where to start?

Not enough time?

How about distractions or wasting time on low priority tasks?

Yes, distractions certainly play a role in derailing our efforts to complete our most important projects.

In fact, according to “The Wasting Your Time at Work” survey conducted by Salary.com would you believe that a mid-boggling 89% of the respondents admitted to wasting some time at work on non-work related tasks?


Check out the graph below.

How Many of You Waste Time at Work?

feel motivated to blog

Check out the numbers one more time…

  • 31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily
  • 31% waste roughly 1 hour daily
  • 16% waste roughly 2 hours daily
  • 6% waste roughly 3 hours daily
  • 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily
  • 2% waste 5 or more hours daily

Yes, that’s right, Salary.com spotted than 4% of the people surveyed waste at least half their workday on non work-related tasks

Then feast your eyes on this data regarding task interruption science.

How Distracted Are We?

The Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Volume 3 Report points to several studies that analyze how task interruptions disrupt work flow in real-world environments.

According to analysis and observance (p 113) (Czerwinski, Horvitz, & Wilhite 2004; Gonzalez & Mark, 2004; Mark et al., 2005) information workers switched tasks every 3 minutes, suggesting modern word setting are extremely fragmented.

And another study (Isaacs, Walendowski, Whittaker, Schiano, & Kamm, 2002) suggests instant messaging conversations in office environments last nearly 4.5 minutes on average, with exchanges every 15 seconds.

Furthermore, heavy instant message users covered various topics within each exchange and often tended to other tasks while interacting in the conversations.

Which leads us to this whole talk of how can you focus and feel motivated to work on on your blog’s top prioritized tasks when everything seems to fight against you?

How do you expect to travel the world, earn commissions in your sleep or live the location-free life that all part-time bloggers dream of if you smack into a proverbial brick wall before even starting?

17 Jumpstart Tips to Feel Motivated to Blog…When Your Emotional Gas Tank Runs Low

1. Find a Warm-Up Activity to Provide Quick Energy

Athletes stretch, jog or toss a ball around to warm-up. We can take a page from sports or watch one music video on YouTube to feel motivated to blog. Find some activity you enjoy that you can jump into no matter how unmotivated you feel.

*What simple activity would help you feel motivated? Click here to share you tip below.

2. Study and Learn from Other Blogs

Want a quick, simple tip to feel motivated to work on your blog when feeling down?

Observe other blogs first before beginning your next blogging project. Invest a quick 10 minutes to learn new tips from other more successful bloggers.

*What are your favorite blogs to follow?

3. You a Morning Person or Night Owl?

feel motivated to work on your next blog post

Find your sweet spot of the day.

Melyssa Griffin advises on her blog to “recognize when you’re at the top of your game”.

Personally I do better at night, but getting up early before going to my J-O-B allows me to run over to Starbucks for a few uninterrupted hours. Still I definitely focus better at night and hammer out my best work then.

4. End of the Day Reward. The Dangling Carrot Trick?

You motivate a horse to move with a carrot tied to the end of a stick.

In your case reward yourself with a glass of Chardonnay or a trip to the movie theater to catch the newest flick.

*What reward would motivate you to finish your work?  Click here to share your thoughts.

5. Switch Work Venues

One of my favorites tips to feel motivated and focus on my blog- change locations.

Fancy hotel lobbies, favorite Starbucks locations, Panera Breads, outside tables by a park.

When I get tired, bored or need a break I switch scenery.

Environment plays a key role motivator for me.

I get bored staying in one place.

*Where do you like to work on your blog?  Click here to share your favorite place to work.

6. Play a 5-Minute Game

Favorite game app, card game or throw darts.

You can always count on games to feel motivated to work on your blog when you just want to do nothing.

I like to throw darts on my electric dart board (when I’m home and not at Starbucks 🙂).

*What game do you prefer?

7. Jumping Jacks, Quick Exercise

Doesn’t have to be jumping jacks, but walking up and down the stairs or taking the dog for a quick walk around the block to get your blood pumping and your mental juices flowing will help to feel motivated to write.

*What quick exercise gets you going?

8. Change Music on YouTube Channels or Pandora.com

Right now I’m listening to Beethoven while crafting this blog post, 15 minutes ago I was listening to Charlie Parra de Riego (metal guitarist- big on YouTube) and other times Frank Sinatra.

Change up the music.

Whatever you need in that moment.

When I feel anxious, I slow things down, but when I lack motivation to write, I speed things up. Right now Beethoven works because the thrash guitars thrust me in motion to get started.

*What’s your favorite music to jumpstart yourself when feeling demotivated? Click here to leave a comment.

9. Watch Motivational Speech Video

OK so I don’t have one in mind, but powerful motivational speeches reroute us back on track towards our dreams of becoming a pro-blogger.

Don’t watch the entire speech video on YouTube, just the best parts.

*Any on you enjoy motivational speeches?

10. Walk around Epcot or Disney Springs, Beach, Park, Other Scenic Spot

Okay, so yes, you must live here in Orlando to walk around Epcot, but I’d bet you frequent certain parks, bay views or ponds around your neck of the woods.

Change up the scenario.

Remember, quick breaks though.

*Where do you like walking in your town? Please share at the bottom of this post.

11. Complete Tasks in Phases

I discovered this new technique for me.

A few weeks ago I finished an entire 6,000-word post on my day off.

(Yeah, that’s a long post. According to internet marketing super star Neil Patel long blog posts get more traffic.)

It looked great…

…but I felt exhausted and couldn’t work for a few days.

So I changed up the way I work on projects or create content.

Now I’ve start on the framework of a post, then jump to another, then I return to fill in more details of the first post, etc.

Losing momentum can take the wind from your sails

This could take place over the course of many days.

Losing momentum can take the wind from your sails and makes it difficult for me to start up again.

*Do you complete your blogging tasks in steps or complete big projects entirely before starting the next one? Click here to leave your opinion.

We’d love to read your comment below.

12. Build Your Inspirational Work Station

Too bright lights at your work station?do you feel motivated at your desk?

No pics?

Few inspirational decorations?

How did you expect to feel supercharged to chase your dreams?

Fashion designer Lauren Conrad suggests on her blog to create an inspiring space to work on.

Stop for a second, visualize that Alaskan cruise you’ve salivated over taking.

Picture standing at the rail of the ship as you gaze at the snow-capped mountain.

See that bald eagle swoop by?!

Pin a picture of Alaska on the wall in front of you.

*What’s your favorite inspirational decoration, painting, quote or picture that adorns your work station?

13. Write a Quick Note to Mom, Friend, Sister…

Out-of-touch with certain friends and relatives for a while?

Take a quick 3-minute break to text or email them.

Upgrade your note sending.

Snail mail a greeting card or post card.

My family back home loves when I deliver them Orlando post cards. In fact, I carry Disney post cards and stamps with me when working at Starbucks.

*Do you still send cards through the mail or stick to emails and texting? 

14. The Pomodoro Method. (Work-Break-Work-Break)

Don’t underestimate taking several breaks.

Eva at BooksConsidered.blogspot.com suggests a unique tip to feel motivated to blog called the Pomodoro Method where you work in 25 minute increments then take a break

Personally, I take several small breaks. Normally I don’t stick to structured break systems like this, but I’d try it.

Thank you Eva.

I find it difficult to restart my work after long breaks.

*Do you take several quick breaks or long ones?

15. Ten-Minute Hackfeel motivated to create content

Dr. David Kadavy suggests a work sprint hack he calls the 10-minute hack.

I’ve tried this one out. It worked for me.

Take out your Iphone and set the timer for 10 minutes.

Ready, set, go…

Work as fast you can on your next post, Pin or email to send to your list.

Do you ever set a timer to work faster?

16. Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Trouble jump-starting your blogging day?

Leave comments to network with other bloggers on their blogs, Pins, FB posts and Tweets.

Stick with something easy and yet still productive.

You already know the drill, but what better time to do this then now?

Leave comments to network with other bloggers on their blogs, Pins, FB posts and Tweets.

Of course, this creates natural exposure to your blog and backlinks.

Provide value to the bloggers by adding to the conversation or asking a question on the topic.

*How often do you leave comments on other blogs? Click here to let us know below.

17. Put Away the Phone, Stop Facebooking

In other words, avoid distractions.

A study of college students at a handful of universities suggests that more than 80% of the students surveyed use their digital devices for non-classroom related purposes during class.

Read the numbers below:

  • 1 to 3 times per day: 35 percent
  • 4 to 10 times per day: 27 percent
  • 11 to 30 times per day: 16 percent
  • More than 30 times per day: 15 percent
  • Never: less than 8 percent

How Distracted Do You Get with Digital Devices?

feel motivated to work despite digital device distraction

Which would you rather pay attention to, the algebra professor or your friends latest boyfriend news?

Do yourself a favor.

Limit or avoid distractions when working on your blog.

Just like the study suggests at the beginning of this page.

Instant messaging disrupts your work flow.

Eliminate multi-tasking once you thrust into motion.

*What addictive, disruptive tasks impede your work rhythm?

**We Need Your Help. Leave Comments Please**

What are your favorite ways to feel motivated to work on your blog when you feel stuck?

(Please share your ideas below.)