How to Choose Baby Gender: Conceiving Your Gender of Choice [PDF Review]

Kevin here from Mad Raven Reviews. Ever wonder how to choose baby gender when trying to conceive?

Every mother and father loves and cherishes their first, second, and even third born child.

However, There comes a time when they may want that perfect little Prince or Princess specifically.

I stumbled upon this book by Ashley Spencer when my sister-in-law was insisting she and my brother wanted to have a girl after already having TWO boys. I did a little snooping around and found quite a few people were interested in how to choose baby gender!

Everyone had their own little bits of advice to pass on, but nothing was concrete.

No one had testimonials saying those methods really worked.

My sister-in-law wanted a definitive way to have her little Princess. So how could I help?

After giving her the sources I’d found, she gave this book a try.


9 months later…




Overview: How to choose Baby Gender

how to determine baby gender


How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice


Ashley Spencer


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  • 60 Day money back guarantee **

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My Rating


Brief Description

  • How to Conceive The Gender of Your Choice” has unlocked the secret that’s helped thousands of couples around the globe achieve the child of their dreams by achieving simple tasks in addition to enjoying the process! Furthermore, these methods have been backed by testimonials testimonials who have read her informative life changing eBook.

Who WILL BENEFIT  From Learning

How to Choose Baby Gender

  • Those who are tired of searching tirelessly around the web to find answers on how to choose baby gender
  • Anyone willing to take their baby’s conception seriously and be IN CONTROL of which sex will be born
  • Couples who have tried some methods without success, and would like other NATURAL options

Who Will NOT BENEFIT  From Learning

How to Choose Baby Gender

  • Anyone who is not willing to stray from the “norm” and try different methods of conceiving a desired baby gender
  • Those who are against “interfering” with nature by trying to control a natural occurrence like child birth
  • Religious persons who feel they will be outcast for using these methods
  • Anyone who does NOT care what gender they conceive period.

The Good , The Bad, and the Ugly 

I understand most reviews of ANY product out there cares about one thing, and one thing only: $$$.


Rather at Mad Raven Reviews we give you our word that the products we review are HONEST reviews of both our opinions/experiences and facts provided by the book.

  • Informs thoroughly of the scientific methods and unscientific methods like the Shettles method and Whelan method.
  • Goes into great detail on what foods and habits to consume and which to avoid.
    • I.e. Types of cheese that contain good versus bad bacteria and quitting smoking.
  • The voice used throughout the book sounds as if Ashley is in front of me describing how to choose baby gender.
  • Ashley Spencer does give two separate sections with the best diets for conceiving a boy or girl.
  • Although the book is long, the table of contents and well organized sections make it easy to navigate.
  • I personally liked the way the book begins by warming the reader up with basic knowledge, then progresses to the main details of the title.

  • Although VERY informative, there’s sometimes too much unnecessary information.
    • I.e. Page 69 has a section telling you to wash your vegetables off to remove dirt…. How does that relate?!
  • In addition, the book is rather long at 172 pages of actual reading material.
  • There are not enough charts and tables summarizing the extensive information to make it easier to digest.
  • There is a table of contents, however being a PDF it’d be nice if you could have live links that will take you to each section when you click them.

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Top 10 Key Points on

“How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice”

by Ashley Spencer

  1. (Pg. 49) Reveals the most harmful foods that would interfere with your pregnancy and consequently why it affects how to choose baby gender correctly!
  2. (Pg. 73) Gives important insight on nasty habits to kick BEFORE and during pregnancy.
  3. (Pg. 70) Will break your heart when you hear why your morning coffee may have to wait 9 months!
  4. (Pg. 81) Is where the good stuff starts! Learn the best diet that will help you conceive a baby BOY!
  5. (Pg. 89) Gives you the best possible diet to conceive that little Princess (GIRL) you’ve always wanted!
  6. (Pg. 102 & 107) Starts the ADULTS ONLY section, if you will, describing the best sex positions on how to choose baby gender.
  7. (Pg. 113) Lays out the important timing when you are MOST LIKELY to pick your baby gender correctly.
  8. (Pg. 98) Explains the difference between male and female sperm and why all factors for conceiving the gender of your choice can make your day or ruin your chances
  9. (Pg. 172 & 174) Give a quick summary of the 3 KEY factors how to pick your baby gender (Of course the details are throughout the book, this gives the 3 key factors for each)
  10. (Pg. 23) Tells you of the expensive, less natural scientific ways of how to conceive the gender of your choice.

“How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice”


In the end, I’d say it’s a very interesting read.

My sister-in-law was wanting to know how to choose baby gender from the moment she and my brother wanted to conceive.

Would I recommend this book to my other friends and family? ABSOLUTELY!

For $47, it’s a hell of a lot more likely you’ll be able to choose baby gender naturally than with expensive scientific treatments like In vitro fertlization.

Is there some bad points to the book? Of course… I would be flat out lying to you if I said the book was perfect.

It’s a bit long at 172 pages and it can go off topic at times like when Ashley Spencer mentions washing the dirt off your produce, but not explaining why that would relate to how to choose baby gender.

Furthermore, I would say Ashley does a fantastic job at teaching new and renewing mothers alike about the female and male bodies intertwining to create life.

I personally love how she warms the reader up with basic knowledge in the beginning, progresses to more detailed (sometimes beating around the bush) information, and eventually leads to answering the never ending question: How to Choose Baby Gender When Conceiving!

On the plus side there is a 60 day money back guarantee that you’ll get 100% of your money back if you don’t like her book!

What do you have to lose?! Go check it out!

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how to determine baby gender/ how to choose baby gender

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