Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews: #1 Best Passive Income Streams

Affiliate marketing product reviews are the  fastest way for newbie bloggers to make your first sale?

What are the best passive income streams?

Can you even make any consistent money without much traffic?

What about with no email list?

With affiliate marketing product affiliate marketing product affiliate marketing product reviews.

Writing affiliate marketing product affiliate marketing product affiliate marketing product reviews is the fastest way to create the best passive income streams.

This post will not address the argument of should you promote digital or physical products, but I will focus on the digital ones.

Why Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews?

When someone conducts a Google search (or in any search engine) then they already show interest in spending money.

At the time they enter your site they have already passed through the initial stages of the buying cycle such as come to the realization that they have problem, research how to fix it then identify products or services that provide solution.

How Will Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews Make Your First Sale?

Before finalizing the decision to make a purchase internet shoppers feel uneasy or a sense of uncertainty before whipping out there credit cards.

They usually filter down the options to a few final choices, but still hesitate to “pull the trigger”.

And even when they feel like one stands out above the rest they still want to make sure its benefits outweigh the cost.

The benefit must match the reward.

This applies to eBooks, website subscriptions, software, videos or any others form of digital product or service.

Why Do Reviews Make the Fastest, Easiest and Best Passive Income Streams?

You create the review post one time and it earns commissions on autopilot week-after-week, month-after-month.

Of course, it can take a few weeks or months to rank in Google to bring in SEO organic traffic.

But you started blogging with the idea of creating the best passive income streams are affiliate marketing product reviews.

It’s your #1 way to go to earn your first affiliate commission.

How Do You Create Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews?

Today starts you on the path to create the best passive income streams for your new blog.

While I could write a lengthy book to learn how to create the best affiliate marketing product reviews, let’s start somewhere right now.

The first thing to learn about affiliate product reviews is that you want to make it easy for your visitor to click the links that lead to the sales page.

Get them to click the link instead of leaving your review page.

“But why wouldn’t my visitor click the link?”

Why Do Visitors to Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews Avoid Clicking Links or Buying?

Even the best passive income streams come with challenges.

Multiple factors could affect your visitor’s decision to click away instead of filling in their credit card number and hitting buy.

Let’s just break down the reasons into two categories.

  1. Your Review Post Failed
  2. The Affiliate Sales Page Failed

In one case your affiliate marketing product reviews may fail to persuade them to click the affiliate links.

Or your visitor did click, but the affiliate’s sales page did not convince them to buy.

Still chalk up lack of purchases to the percentages.

You will never convert 100%.

Sales involves a degree of luck too.

And the conversion rates vary by niche.

We will dedicate a whole other thorough post here on Affiliate marketing product affiliate marketing product devoted to the factors that affect affiliate sale conversions.

How Your Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews Pages Fail

The main objective your affiliate marketing product reviews must accomplish is to identify the problem that your visitor faces and explain how the product will solve it.

In the end all products and services must solve a problem.

What problem do the visitors to your affiliate marketing product reviews pages want to solve?

Figure out the answer to this question before starting!


Increase sales in their business.

Get over the pain of a cheating spouse.

Find a boyfriend.

Slow down baldness.

Lose weight while still enjoying home cooked meals.

If you do not address your visitor’s problem and blatantly show in your affiliate marketing product reviews how it can help them solve it then you will NOT make the sale.

The best passive income streams depend on this problem-solution mindset.

Cluttered Layout

Text on blog posts should display differently than text anywhere else.

Think “white space”.

Just look at this post for example.

Short sentences, lots of white space.

No one these days has patience to read through large clumps of jumbled text, not you and not me.

Visitors to your affiliate marketing product reviews scan the text.

Make it easy for them to read. If you don’t they will lose patience and leave.

No Benefits, Only Features

People will only buy things because it makes them feel good.

Relieve pain or provide enjoyment.

Explaining the features of your product without offering the payoff forces your prospect to figure it out.

Do not leave it up to your prospect.

Make it easy for them to envision the enjoyment they will experience and improvement in their life that your affiliate marketing product reviews will provide them.

Only the “What”, Not the “How”


Don’t give them free information.

The best passive income streams take advantage of curiosity.

If you give away the goods in your affiliate marketing product reviews then your prospect has no reason to buy because you told them everything for free.

Your affiliate marketing product reviews should tell them what it will do to solve their problem.

“This dating eBook will finally show you how to become a male magnet and entice men to click on your dating profile and then in turn message you. Your new, rewritten online dating profile will draw so much interest they will not know how to fight the urge to look away…”

If I proceed to teach my prospects how to rewrite “male-magnet-online-dating” profiles then I won’t get what I want.

The click to affiliate sales page.

The visitor has no reason to complete my call-to-action (CTA).

No Obvious Call-to Action

If they do not know where to click then they will not search for the links.

I do well with long-tail indirect links and direct call-to action links.

Indirect: “unlock the 3 main secrets to understand why men will commit”

Direct: “Click here to unlock the 3 secrets”

I improved my click-through rates on ALL my posts including my affiliate marketing product reviews with this simple adjustment.

Not Enough CTAs

You launched your blog to earn money, not just to have fun.

Remove the training wheels and let’s go to work.

View your blog as a legitimate money-making machine.

Ask for the sale.

Do not let your visitor scroll down the page without running into an obvious link.

But I don’t want to come across pushy.”

Here’s the beauty of mixing in indirect CTAs.

They spell out benefits and your visitor will not resist, they will click.

I use this free WordPress plugin to track click-throughs to affiliate pages. (link—pretty link)

At first I didn’t want to come across pushy either so I only included one or to “download” or “click here to buy” links at the very bottom of the post.

What’s the problem with just one CTA at the bottom of the post?

Your visitors may not read the whole post.

Remember everyone is impatient.

Few will scroll to the bottom of your affiliate marketing product reviews.

You will convince some that they are ready to buy in the middle of the post.

Give them a link to click in the middle of the post.

In fact, place at least one link above the fold (or at least close to it).

Links Do Not Stand Out

Branding your link color to match your site’s color scheme will condition your returning visitors to associate the links with your value proposition

…but only if they can easily spot your links.

View your link colors on all platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop).

If your links blend in with the rest of the text then change the color.

I have seen even high traffic, authority blogs put in links that I could not easily find on a mobile view.

Vary up the link styles.

Link Styles

  • Buttons
  • Long-tail links
  • Short links with lots of white space around it.
  • Arrows that point to links
  • Image links

No Product Image

Seems obvious, but if you do not place the image of the exact product or at least a branding image of the company then your visitor may think they chose the wrong page.

They will click away.

Place the image above the fold so it stands out.

I like to place mine inside an overview box which summarizes the product.

This overview box starts above the fold.

Does Not Eliminate Risk

Your affiliate marketing product affiliate marketing product reviews helps them envision the happy feelings that the product will provide them…

…but in their mind the risks still outweigh the benefits.

Eliminate worry.

What would your visitor still fear?

Price too high– add your own bonuses (send a physical product upon proof of purchase, create PDF download or video that further illustrates how to use the product or customizes the product to their needs)

Fear they Won’t Use it Enough– link to the affiliates free trial or ask the affiliate manager to offer free trials, create videos or slide shows illustrating how the product improved your own personal results

Seems Complicated– display the exact money-back guarantee in your overview box and one more time in the post, include medallion image of the 100%, no questions asked return policy, explain how there are no contracts- cancel anytime.

Does Not Target Right Audience

Who benefits from using this product?

You cannot sell a snowblower to a Florida resident.

Know your audience.

That’s the most important thing you should do on your blog anyway.

This goes beyond knowing age range, sex, income and all the other basic target market points.

It also goes beyond the scope of this post.

What are “Buyer Personas”?

“Buyer personas” help us know our customers and prospects inside and out.

They help us know the wants, needs, and problems that eat away at their minds and drive them to search for the solutions to end their misery.

The solutions your reviews will answer.

Check out this post regarding how to create buyer personas from one of my favorite online marketing blogs Kissmetrics.

Spell out exactly who should use this product.

If they are not the correct audience it’s better that they click away.

They will not buy anyway.

Furthermore, by stating who the correct end user is and who is not creates credibility for you.

It earns trust.

They will not see you as a salesperson, but rather as a consultant and because of that they will trust that you have their best interests in mind.

All PROs, No CONs

Want to sound salesy?

No, right?

Then do not fear telling the truth.

Stand out from the rest of the affiliate marketing product reviews promoting the same thing.

Point out what you do not like and what the product lacks.

Be authentic.

Do not make up some minor negative posing as a negative, or worse, a positive you disguise as a negative.

“This book only comes in digital form.”

That’s a benefit my friend.

Instant gratification, download.

Buy from the convenience of your laptop and get it right away.

Name more than one negative.

You Link to Other Places in Addition to the Affiliate Site

Multiple links that lead to the affiliate site is one thing.

Sending them somewhere else defeats the purpose.

How do you expect to make a sale if you send them to somewhere other than the affiliate’s landing page?

All links should point to the affiliate landing page.

Some leading to a video landing page and others to a text page is find.

In fact that split tests the landing pages to see which one converts better.

Did You Review the Product???

Why didn’t you review the product?

Too expensive?

Email the affiliate manager of the digital product or service you want to review for a free copy or free trial run.

How do you expect to write high-converting affiliate marketing product reviews for your target audience if you don’t try the product yourself?

This lists serves as a good starting point to optimize your affiliate marketing product reviews to earn your visitors’ clicks.

Now let’s take a look at why the affiliate program’s sales page could fail you.

How the Affiliate Sales Page Fails

“You mean to tell me you could create the ideal affiliate marketing product reviews, send them to the affiliate landing page…

…and they still DON’T BUY???


That’s why you want to choose your affiliate programs FIRST before deciding to promote them.

As you progress in your internet marketing career remember the best passive income streams comprise of sales funnels.

Your visitors pass through phases.

One step introduces them to the next.

Create smooth transitions between steps.

These elements produce a rocky transition.

Message Mismatch

Headline at top of landing page conflicts with the link you send them from.

The affiliate page MUST state the name of the product in the headline.

A visitor should see a benefit right away.

“Unlock the Secret to Win Your Ex Back with These 5 Texts”

Immediate CTA “Above the Fold”

What if the visitor you send decides quickly to buy?

They need a place to buy it then, right?

The best affiliate landing pages comprise of video and text.

The perfect spot for the CTA above the fold is under a short introductory video.

Preferably an obvious button that stands out from everything around it.

No Image of Product

Both your page and the affiliate landing page should have the product image right away.

Eliminate confusion…

“Did I arrive at the correct page?”

In fact, the first CTA above the fold should include the product image.

Branding Mismatch

Terminology, product names, font colors, catch phrases, all important to branding.

When the visitor arrives on the landing page, they should feel a smooth transition from your affiliate marketing product reviews.

Don’t make them feel lost going from one page to another

Does the creator of the affiliate product use catch phrases?

If so, incorporate some to your CTAs and throughout the post.

Poor Description of Benefits

The Affiliate landing page must state exactly how the product will solve their specific problem.

Generic descriptions like “stop the craziness” or “stop the pain” get them nowhere.

An example of a good description would be:

[GPS dog collar]

“Find your lost dog with ease within seconds.”

Not “Know where your dog is.”

Does Not Eliminate Risk

The money-back guarantee must stand out.

The visitor wants to know they have nothing to lose when they spend their money.

Make them feel comfortable the solution is within grasp guaranteed.

Poor Design and Layout

Too many distractions creates confusion.

And drawing attention to less important elements wastes time.

Too many testimonials instead of benefits.

Small Headline Font Size. The body text blends with the headlines, and vice versa.

Entire page uses the same font color thus everything runs together and doesn’t guide the visitor to the CTAs.

No borders or white space in between sections.

Simply put, make it easy for the visitor to find the benefits and CTAs.

Lack of Obvious CTAs

Follow the previous section then the CTAs should organically stand out.

High converting affiliate landing pages provide plenty of opportunities to purchase.

While the trend is to create a long sales copy page the visitor must have access to a point-of-purchase along the way.

What happens if your visitor decides to buy at the middle of the page, but they cannot find a purchase link or button?

Don’t assume they will scroll down.

Always remember this: People do NOT have patience.

Lack of Bonus Gifts

Sometimes the price of the feature product does not match the benefit.

It’s too high.

The bonus gifts may tip the scales and entice them to pull out their wallet.

I’ve even seen where the bonus gifts are better than the main product.

The highest converting affiliate products offer some type of bonus.

Bonus products should enhance the use and benefit of the main one.

Example #1

Main product: eBook to catch a cheating spouse

Bonus: Video how to set up the recommended hidden camera mentioned in the eBook.

Example #2

Main Product: membership to your favorite keyword tool.

Bonus: Video how to use the tool to find high-converting keyword phrases.

No Social Proof

No testimonials, no reputation, no following…

…means lower conversions.

The “everybody else is doing it” methodology relieves stress and convinces visitors that the product solves the problem that brought them to the page.

Well-known authors or product creators have a credible reputation.

When your visitors arrive to your affiliate marketing product reviews that promote a product from a reputable, well-known brand then they are already halfway to purchase.

Just how big is social proof to convert sales?

Check out this article about the 5 types of social proofs by Buffer.

High-converting landing pages match solutions to problems.

They produce sales even for unknown products.

However, high-converting landing pages combined with reputation convert the best.

Furthermore, the visitor must see testimonials.

A combination of scannable text testimonials and short videos do the best job.

Earn Your First Commission Check

Include product affiliate marketing product reviews in your blog.

It is the #1 fastest way to make money without large amounts of traffic and no email list.

When someone makes the decision to purchase a product or service they first look at affiliate marketing product reviews (not just testimonials).

Choose high converting affiliate programs (link–to our post) and learn how to research buyer keywords that lead credit-card-in-hand visitors to your page. (link-to our post)

Find High-Converting Buyer Keywords for Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews

Download the Buyer Intent Keywords Formula

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